5 Best Practices to Apply in Your Next Virtual Interview

Best practices to apply as you prepare your next virtual interview…

1: Research

While the setting of an interview may vary, it’s important that you prepare the same way that you would for an in-person interview.

To ensure that you can answer the interviewer’s questions in a clear and concise manner, you will want to review the skills that the role requires, and link those skills to previous experience.

Before you interview, take the time to thoroughly explore the company’s website, read their latest blog posts, and take a look at LinkedIn. You can also discuss areas of the business that you would like to work in.

Another great way to stand out is by updating your
LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news and achievements in your industry. Also, make sure to review their profile to prepare for the interview.

2: Equipment Test

You’ve probably heard these phrases a thousand times before, but they’re still very important to remember.
Before you go into an interview, make sure that all of your equipment is working properly. Also, make sure that you have muted all of your notifications so that they can be muted to minimize background noise.

3: Environment Prep

Make sure that your background is clean and in good lighting. Also, make sure that you have good eye contact with the camera.

While it is important to present yourself in the best possible light in the interview, how you present yourselves also has importance. One way to do this is to prepare for the interview by ensuring that you are ready to go.
Your background can also help make a good impression during an interview. You want to make sure that the space on your screen is clear and free from distraction.

Everyone understands that we all have unique circumstances. If your kids or pets pop up during the interview, try not to be flustered.

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4: Practice and Repetition

In virtual conversations, it is harder to capture an individual’s full range of emotions and body language. It can also be a challenge to pick up social cues the same way as in person.

While preparing for a virtual interview, it is important to practice how to deliver your messages in a way that will stand out.

Direct your eyes to the computer instead of the screen. Doing so will help minimize the distraction caused by the computer screen.

5: Closing with A Favorable Impression

Following up with an interview is an integral part of any interview process. Within 24 hours after an interview, you will want to connect with the interviewer and let them know how much time they gave to you.

To stand out, be sure to include any highlights from your interview. If there’s something that stood out to you, be sure to discuss it.

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