Equality VS Equity

Equality VS equity is all about perspective. Some people are born on 3rd base, and no matter if you are entitled, appreciative, or aloof to this it does not change the fact that some are born without a ticket to get into the game. We all have our own obstacles to go through throughout life. Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic, in order to make the proper changes we need to broaden our perspectives and educate ourselves to see past our own biases



Ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.



Giving people what they need to those who need it. This is proportionate to their specific circumstances and may require another party to give resources to ensure everyone has the same opportunities.


The difference between equity and equality

Equality means providing everyone with the same number of resources regardless of whether everyone needs them. This means there is an equal share of resources despite what they already have, or do not have. Equity is when resources are shared based on what each person needs to adequately level the playing field.

Two important concepts to keep in mind…

  1. One cannot achieve equality without implementing equity
  2. Inequality and inequity our present and affect many of all social structures today


Equity and equality collaboration

Like it or not equity and equality together and cannot be achieved without the other. Understanding the difference between the two brings us one step closer to achieving equality. As hiring managers, we have the responsibility to create a fair, just, and equal work environment. This will not be an easy task but should be compelled to take on as the rewards will be high.

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Written by:

Mike DePaulo, LSSBB, CDR


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